Stephan Sayre
physical attendance
Stephan Sayre
Co-Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

Deucalion Aviation Ltd

United Kingdom

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Aviation has traditionally attracted investors due to the strength of aircraft as mobile assets and the relatively low risk of loss given default in transactions, however, the pandemic has put this stability into question. What is the route to market in aviation now for investors?

  • Has Covid changed how investors evaluate risk in aircraft investments now given the uncertainty around residual values?
  • Evaluating the current risk/return profile of aviation in comparison to other transportation/infrastructure sectors. 
  • What are the various routes to market available to investors? How are they accessed? (e.g. public markets, direct lending, debt funds, etc.) 
  • How do investors approach the sector whilst taking ESG considerations/regulations seriously? 

Stephan Sayre
Co-Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Deucalion Aviation Ltd
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Managing Director, Rolls Royce & Partners Finance
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