Clay Smith
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Clay Smith

Split Rock

United States

Clay Smith is an aviation financial professional with 25 years of experience as a portfolio manager and a banker/broker.  He has successfully led early-stage company financings, corporate bond issuances, restructurings and bankruptcies, and structured credit transactions.  In his time as a distressed fund manager, he was directly responsible for structured aviation assets worth over $1 billion.  He spent over 10 years in senior asset management roles at AIG, American Express and Deephaven Capital Management.  In 2019, Clay became a partner at Split Rock Aviation, an aviation consultancy and financial service provider.

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The aircraft ABS market saw an incredible revival at the end of 2021, but how healthy are these structures really? Senior notes fared well in the second-largest year for ABS issuances on record, but C notes and tradeable e-notes have seen limited or no take-up. What implications does this have for aircraft ABS investors going forwards?

  • How has the performance of pre-covid ABS issuances impacted how new deals are being structured?  
  • Is there still distress in the C tranches? What implications does this have for aircraft ABS investors?  
  • How will new deals need to be structured to entice potential e-note buyers back to the market? Will this happen in 2022? 
  • Will there be a substantial change in how sponsors compose new ABS portfolios this year? 
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    Clay Smith
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