Russell Hubbard
physical attendance
Russell Hubbard
Managing Director

RPK Capital Management

United Kingdom

Russell has more than three decades of experience in aircraft leasing and financial management. Before joining RPK Capital as Managing Director, Russell was Director Aircraft Remarketing at Air Partner plc in London. Prior to that he held the posts of SVP Aircraft Trading at the Hong Kong based lessor CALC and Global Head of Trading at Avation in Singapore. Previously he was Head of Trading at Hong Kong Aviation Capital (HKAC) and held the post of Chief Commercial Officer at the Australian-based lessor GAAM. He began his career with Dan-Air London in the 1980s, before working for the global consulting firm SH&E. Russell spent 7-years with IBA Group where he sat on the Group Board of Directors and oversaw the appraisal and consulting groups. Over his career Russell has closed numerous new aircraft sale & leasebacks in addition to secondary market portfolio trades and participated in several high-profile aircraft lessor M&A transactions. He has carried out analysis on major aviation portfolios, airline due diligence studies and acted as an expert witness in commercial cases in courts in Europe and Asia. Russell holds an MBA with emphasis in economics and international marketing from the University of Liverpool in the UK.

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Topics include...

  • ESG in aviation and the introduction of SAF
  • War in Ukraine: another devastating event
  • How quickly will interest rates need to rise to tame inflation and avoid a recession?
  • ESG finance and leasing 
  • What fate lies ahead for problematic widebody types? (B777s, A330s...)
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