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Several lessors have publicly announced they are exploring the possibility of launching an aircraft loan CLO while SALT 2021-1, a debut aircraft loan ABS, achieved an oversubscription across all four series of notes. Our panel examines two very distinct approaches to securitizing aircraft loans and the potential impact on the aircraft financing market. 

  • How do aircraft loan ABS deals differ compared to aircraft leases? 
  • What are the pros and cons of using an ABS vs a CLO when securitizing aircraft loans from an issuer’s perspective? 
  • How thick is the potential deal pipeline? 
  • What key risks should investors be aware of when assessing a pool of aircraft loans? 
Eelco van de Stadt
Managing Director, President, Apollo Global Management Inc/PK AirFinance
Donna Ager
Partner, Maples Group
Cian Dooley
Founding Partner, Airborne Capital
Dickon Harris
Editor, Ishka