Stelios Fragkos
physical attendance
Stelios Fragkos
Managing Director


United Kingdom

Stelios has over 20 years of experience in the areas of turnaround and restructuring, private equity, and investment banking, with extensive expertise across a number of sectors including aviation. 

He has led restructuring engagements by serving in a variety of advisory and interim management roles including several board positions. 

Prior to joining AlixPartners, he was engaged in corporate finance advisory and capital market transactions across sectors in southeastern Europe including Turkey and the Middle East. He also successfully led multiple private-equity transactions and held board of director positions at several portfolio companies. 

He received an MBA with distinction from London Business School, Stelios also has a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science from Yale University. 

He is a native speaker of Greek and also speaks French and German.

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    • What happens if the lessors cannot physically retrieve their aircraft?
    • How does the aviation world move on after March 28th?
    • Aircraft are now registered in two jurisdictions, against international law. What are the consequences?
    • How are insurers likely to assess and resolve competing claims?
    • Will the leasing industry recover with ease?

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