Laurie Laird
physical attendance
Laurie Laird
International Economic Affairs


United Kingdom
Laurie Laird is veteran multi-media financial and political journalist.  She is a regular commentator on a range of UK and foreign broadcasters, including the BBC, GB News and talkRadio and others.  In previous roles, Laurie has served as a financial columnist at the Daily Mail, The Guardian and City AM.  She has also worked in New York, Moscow and Hong Kong. 

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    • What happens if the lessors cannot physically retrieve their aircraft?
    • How does the aviation world move on after March 28th?
    • Aircraft are now registered in two jurisdictions, against international law. What are the consequences?
    • How are insurers likely to assess and resolve competing claims?
    • Will the leasing industry recover with ease?

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    Partner, Holland & Knight
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    Laurie Laird
    International Economic Affairs, Commentator