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Chris Keene
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United Kingdom

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Take a seat at the table corresponding to European Airports on your badge for your opportunity to discuss and debate aviation’s hottest topics with industry peers. A range of moderators move around the room with 3 key questions to lead a 10–15 minute informal discussion with each table of delegates on various topics affecting investment in the industry.

Topics include...

  • ESG in aviation and the introduction of SAF
  • War in Ukraine: another devastating event
  • How quickly will interest rates need to rise to tame inflation and avoid a recession?
  • ESG finance and leasing 
  • What fate lies ahead for problematic widebody types? (B777s, A330s...)
Edward O'Byrne
Aviation Finance Expert, -
Suraya Tegally
Legal Director, DLA Piper
Eduardo Mariz
Analyst , Ishka
Russell Hubbard
Managing Director, RPK Capital Management
Siddharth Narkhede
Analyst, Ishka
Chris Keene
Sales Manager, Ishka
Barry Moss
Co-Chair, PACE ESG
Lukasz Laski
Aviation Finance, Investec
Paul O'Driscoll
Aviation Consultant | ISTAT Aircraft Appraiser, Ishka
Eva Karagianni
Analyst, Ishka