Gee Levefre
physical attendance
Gee Levefre
Managing Director


United Kingdom

Gee Lefevre is a Managing Director in Teneo’s Management Consulting division, where he leads Teneo’s work travel, leisure and hospitality, and is an expert in the use of advanced and innovative techniques in measuring and forecasting demand for consumer businesses including airlines, rail operators and hospitality / retail providers. Over the past 18 months, Gee has led a number of material engagements with major airlines, their lenders and central government advising on the likely pattern of passenger and revenue recovery in the wake of Covid-19.

Beyond his specific sector expertise, Gee works across engagement in multiple industries providing expertise on demand forecasting, consumer behaviour and economic analysis and commentary. In particular, he is considered a leading expert on the use of innovative techniques in consumer demand analysis and forecasting, including cell tower and credit card data.

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Transitions that would usually take 3-5 years have happened in just a short 1-2 year period. What can the industry expect from aircraft value behaviour, airline capacity levels and passenger demand going forward? Expert analysts from Ishka, OAG and Teneo join forces to chew the fat over their latest insight and forecasting analysis.

  • OAG insight: how did global airline capacity hold up during Delta and Omicron waves? Is there finally a case for optimism over the 2022 summer season, and how will airlines prepare to operate in response to a potentially sharp uplift in demand?  
  • Teneo forecasting: what is the projected impact of pent-up customer demand? How does passenger demand continue to evolve and what can the industry expect from a resurgence in business travel?  
  • The Ishka view: aircraft values update and summary of key value trend expectations for common aircraft types. What does this forecast mean for market confidence in values, and how does it translate into current aircraft valuations? 
      John Grant
      Chief Analyst, OAG
      Eddy Pieniazek
      Head of Analytics & Advisory, Ishka
      Gee Levefre
      Managing Director, Teneo