Chandra Gopinathan
physical attendance
Chandra Gopinathan
Senior Investment Manager

RPMI Railpen

United Kingdom

Chandra Gopinathan leads the Climate workstream at Railpen and is responsible for climate strategy, integration of risk management across Railpen’s portfolios and investment in climate and natural capital opportunities and solutions. Chandra has two decades of experience across investing and portfolio management, credit structuring and ESG analysis and brings a multi-asset investment perspective to Railpen’s sustainability practices. Chandra has a Master’s degree from Columbia University and a CAIA designation.

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Our panel discusses current market sentiment, assessing the strength of the aviation asset class going forward. 

  • Analysing views on current aircraft asset investment returns. Is risk being priced fairly? 
  • How important are ESG considerations in investment decision making processes? 
  • How will increasing USD interest rates impact investments in aircraft on lease? 

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    Chandra Gopinathan
    Senior Investment Manager, RPMI Railpen
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